CADDManager on March 13th, 2006

It is most often the case that the CAD Manager is planning for software purchases, rollouts, migrations and expansions. They are the forward thinkers that take the time to strategically look toward the future. CAD Managers are most likely to be the first adoptors of new releases and new tools. They drive the firm toward […]

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CADDManager on March 9th, 2006

A great post by Mark Douglas on his blog “In the Dynamic Interface” He may be the King of DWF! Read the post There is another good DWF blog posted by Scott Sheppard called “Beyond the Paper” You should be reading these, if DWF is in your future!

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CADDManager on March 6th, 2006

Take the latest CAD Manager Survey! It concerns CAD Manager Longevity… How long have you been a CAD Manager? How long have you worked for your current firm? How long do you expect to remain a CAD Manager? Do you expect to move higher in the company than CAD Manager? Give us a feel for […]

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CADDManager on March 1st, 2006

I think that the most promising development in the 2007 suite of tools from Autodesk may be the DWF “Underlay” which allows you to display a DWF file under your DWG file. You can adjust the display of the DWF and Clip the display and even snap to the geometry. They even included it in […]

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CADDManager on March 1st, 2006

Habit #1 was reading – reading whatever you can get your hands on.  Now we move on to other forgotten habits. Forgotten Habit #2 – Looking Backwards Many of us find that we are constantly moving forward and trying to embrace the “new features” of each release of the software.  We strain to understand the […]

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