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AutoCAD 2007 and DWF

I think that the most promising development in the 2007 suite of tools from Autodesk may be the DWF “Underlay” which allows you to display a DWF file under your DWG file.

You can adjust the display of the DWF and Clip the display and even snap to the geometry.


They even included it in with the list of XREFs

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#1 Comment By Anonymous On December 21, 2006 @ 11:15 AM

I am looking for imforamtion on how to get logos and artwork into Autocad. I have tried opening DWG files that were exporting from Illustrator and once the file is opened in Autocad the oultines of the artwork are not smooth and the scale is not correct. the file is useless. Any inforamtion would be helpful.