CADDManager on December 29th, 2007

Begin with the end in mind…When you take a new position you need to quickly gain a vision of where the firm should be in the next 6 months to 2 years.

Where should you be in one year? New software platform? New collaboration tools? Adding new training program?

You need to create a Technology Plan. Here are the steps you need to take to get your thought down on paper.

Start making a list of possible options. Include hardware, software, training, staff issues, production needs, etc. Do not worry about if it is possible or cost effective, just list them all out. Add your wish list items, blue sky dreams and “they will never go for that” items. Add other people wish list items. Get input from everyone you can. Listen to users, ask your reseller, look on AUGI, pull in items from all over the place. This is not just a list of things to spend money on. Add updates to you standards, writing out policies, developing procedures, etc. This is a giant “to do” list.

Next – sort it by dates. When do you think they need to be completed or purchased. Make categories for 3 months, 6 months, one year and two years or beyond. I push this out for two years, but not beyond. It is very hard to predict where your industry will go after the next two years. But I include 2 year items because I want my firm to know that I am thinking that far out and I want them to know what I am thinking about. I start selling the concepts long before I start budgeting for them.

Now refine it down to a plan for CAD technology. Make it flexible, but keep it focused. Define items in your plan by date and timeline. 3 month goals, 6 month goals and 1-2 year goals. Include items that are not software or hardware, like training and general procedures and process that need to be updated. Set the long range goals under the 1-2 year plans. Place the immediate needs under the 3 month plan.

Present the Plan. I usually place a Topic area and then Recommendations. Here is an example:


There are difficulties arising from new employees not following the company standards on project files. There is also a concern related to adopting new tools in the software. We need to reinstate our training of new staff as they come on board and provide training in the new tools as projects adopt the,.


1. Set up training for new hires within 2 weeks of joining the company. Training to include new software releases and company standards.

2. Hire a consultant to provide training for ADT Project Navigator, Stair creation and development of schedules. Training to be provided to project teams lasting no more than 4 hours per topic.

Hopefully you get the point. I include the problem, the solution and the plan to proceed.

Develop this as a document to share with your staff and management. Once the plan is in place you can move on to your budget.

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