CADDManager on August 18th, 2008

I received a copy of the Ascent Revit Training Manual for 2009.

Almost 340 pages of Revit focused tutorials, training, tips, tricks, quizzes and more.

It starts off with a bang discussing Building Information Modeling concepts, Revit Terminology, so you get to know the terms, and then jumps into an Overview of the Revit Interface and Starting Revit Projects. It includes a Command Summary cheat sheet so you can get up to speed quickly.

I reviewed the PDF version and it contains bookmarks and internal links that jump to the exact topic that you need. (The PDF version is available to site license purchaser only).

Each topic is completed by a step by step tutorial and a quick quiz to verify your understanding. The extensive use of screen captures helps you get right to it and there are notes in the columns next to the text that indicates items that are “New in 2009”.

The book includes “Hint” boxes sprinkled through the document (I wish there were more). These help focus your thinking in an areas that does not really fit into the text, but is timely when you need it.

The contents are laid out in an orderly manner like all the rest of the training books that I have looked at but this one takes some of the areas that other books have lightly covered and digs in a little more. One example is roofs. Over 26 pages dedicated to roofs that includes Creating Roofs by Footprint, Setting Up a Roof Plan, Reference Planes and Work Planes, Creating Roofs by Extrusion, Cleaning Up Wall and Roof Intersections.

All in all the book is well worth a read and will move a new user down the training path with ease.


C M J Rating – 4 out of 5 TRON Light Cycles

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