CADDManager on January 12th, 2008

Since I did a class at AU 2007 on BAD CAD I figured a survey would help to find out how often you ran into it.

What surprised me was the fact that even though you may not have caused the BAD CAD, a good majority of you have to fix it.


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  1. I don’t encounter as much bad cad as I used to. My company had no cad standards before I was hired and my predecessor just drew however she felt like at the time. Some of it was due to old software (before mtext) and some was due to laziness (dimension text overrides). I think I spent a good portion of my first 5 years fixing old drawings.

  2. Can we use this data in our monthly publication? I know we are MicroStation oriented but the data is still valid, I think.

  3. Yes – linking to or referencing information on is encouraged as long as you include my name and web URL.

    Here is my Creative Commons Attribution guideline… CC Link

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