Introducing and Implementing Autodesk Revit Building – Lay Christopher Fox and James J. Balding, AIA

I just finished reading a great book about Revit Building by two of the cream of the crop in the Revit arena.  Jim Balding and Chris Fox put together an impressive collection of information, tutorials and things to think about.

I enjoyed “The Very Basics” chapter where the book begins. It does not assume that you know what the terms are, or how the tools are used. It covers the basics quickly but effectively. Don’t skip this chapter (or the Preface).

It quickly marches through a succession of chapters that are tutorial based sprinkled with Author Notes and Tips.  You will go through the complete design and creation of a multi-building, multi-phased project. And this is not just some cheap square box, this is a contemporary design that pushes beyond the mundane. All along the way you get real world perspectives, such as filling out the Title Block and generating views of the design.

One area that I enjoyed most was Jim Balding’s Appendix A in which he outlines the implementation process. He takes a high level view that he calls “Pointers, not Prescriptions”. By that he means that there is no one-size-fits-all for every firm. I agree with his perspective and he then navigates the reader toward areas to consider like Firm size, Project size, Project type and many more. So overall it is a solid investment for those who are moving to Revit Building.

C M J Rating – 4.5 out of 5 TRON Light Cycles

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