CADDManager on December 11th, 2007

“BIG BIM little bim” – Finith Jernigan – 4Site Press

The practical approach to Building Information Modeling – Integrated practice done the right way! Finding books on BIM is often tough. Especially ones that talk about the bigger concepts and approaches. This book does just that. It takes a long look at how BIM is changing the design world for Architects. It is not a book full of practical hands on tips and tricks. It looks at the larger questions and impacts of the BIM process change. “BIM is not about the software” Finith states. He also includes a large amount of tools that he has used and tells you what they do and where to get them.

This book is not for the ground level BIM user. It is for the manager, principal and owner of firms that will need to rethink every aspect of business to see where to place their next step. Without the grand view that this book encourages its reader to embrace, the firms that fail to think through the process and impact of BIM on their firm may be an “also ran” in the race toward the future. Worth the read for the leaders of your firm that must deal with BIM and Integrated Practice issues. Worth the read for the BIM Manager.

My site and perspective is a blending of user and management. I liked the book, but for the end user, there is not much here. Therefore I give it a blended rating or 3.5 out of 5.

C M J Rating – 3.5 out of 5 TRON Light Cycles

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