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Recently I was involved in a process where I had to define what I thought the personal character and skills of a CAD Manager should be.  I pondered this question and started jotting down my first impressions.  It was a concise list that did not go into great depth on each individual characteristic, but just provided a quick summary for each area.

I realized that the list kept getting longer and also included items that I wish I exhibited all the time.  This list is a goal and something to reach for.

Here is what I came up with:

Customer Service – A focus on people with respect, tactfulness, patience, graciousness and a desire to serve. Never be annoyed by end user problems. Keeping the end users productivity in mind and not their own ease. Listens well.

Communication – Ability to discuss CAD/BIM areas at high levels with Support Staff and at understandable levels for non-CAD/BIM staff. Keeps end users advised of progress when troubleshooting a problem. Reports to management when solutions are in place. Let’s others know what is happening and what is coming next.

Sharing Knowledge – A willingness to tell others what caused a problem, how it was fixed and how to avoid it in the future. Does not withhold technical information from other support staff. Constantly looks for opportunities to share what they know with all users. Passes out tips and tricks to everyone they come in contact with. Always offers more information.

Initiative – Constantly looking for areas to improve. Does not wait for others to assign tasks. Looks for ways to assist others. Researches troubles on their own to find solutions. When they see something that needs to be fixed – they fix it. When they know what needs to be done, they do it – before something breaks.

Proactive – Looks for ways to prevent problems from happening. Looks into new areas before others ask about it. Searches for information when something new comes along. Looks for new technology even when what is in place works well. Reviews all areas on a regular basis to verify functionality and productivity.

More to come

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