CADDManager on December 15th, 2014

Wow – Ten years ago today, after coming home from Autodesk University 2004, I joined the blogosphere.  Here is my first post:

First Post

That first post was not much to look at, but now that I am approaching 1000 posts, it has been a great time.  I appreciate all of you that have read my blog, AUGI World articles (about 40 or so) and AUGI Hot News (from 2005 to 2013).  I hope that you were enriched.

Over the years I have had 2.7 million page views.  Memorable posts, to me at least, were the third post I ever made announcing my excitement about being elected to the AUGI Board of Directors.  Others that have been about New software, leadership topics, characteristics of a CAD Manager, the launch of and many more.

My first tech post was on VISRETAIN and my first Revit post was on where to find the Shortcuts file.

On May 9 2008 I posted my first Tweet. 1500 or more tweets later I am still posting away (10% of what Shaan Hurley has – lol)

First Tweet

A lot has happened in the past 10 years. I have served on the AUGI Board for 6 years, been president of AUGI for 2.5 years, served as the AUGI Executive Director.  I have also transitioned into four new jobs, spoken at AU 2004 thru 2014 (actually started with AU in 1996).

Through all of this, I maintain that CAD and now BIM Managers are misunderstood and under-appreciated.  They maintain a professional demeanor, even when not thought of as professionals.  They expand the embrace of design tools even when others are happy with the status quo.  They have superior technology skills combined with management prowess and increasing leadership responsibilities.  They are a much needed technical resource for any firm.

I hope you have enjoyed the journey as much as I have.


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  1. Congrats Mark!

    I’m right behind you in March.

    10 years goes by fast!

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