CADDManager on December 2nd, 2013
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I arrived in Las Vegas early which allowed me to check in and register without much trouble at all.  The process was quick and efficient. I came early for the ADN Conference for developers.  I am not a developer, but took advantage of the free ADN membership that came with my AUGI Professional membership in 2013.  My great aspirations of developing the newest and coolest tool soon fell away to time constraints.

The ADN Conference (Autodesk Developers Network) was today from 8-4.  It was very informative and focused on providing developers the tools they need to create and expand the software extensions and add-ons that they have.  It started at 8:00 am and by 9:30 we were fully engulfed in “geek speak” for programmers laced with every acronym you can think of related to programming.  This crowd is hard to please and it was not until after lunch when finally a single person applauded one of the many announcements that Autodesk provided.  After that, many started providing applause at some of the simple yet profound fixes and hooks provided to the programming community.

As can be expected, I ran into many regulars and also introduced myself to a few new attendees.  If you see me in the hallways – stop me and shake my hand.  I would love to connect.

Tonight is the Blogger/Media Social and the ADN attendee reception.

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