CADDManager on December 5th, 2012

To close out the series on AU2012, let me give you some gut feelings on the event and the topics discussed.

Design is Amazing – People are creative and when they have the time and resources, they do amazing things.

The Future is Here – Tomorrows technologies are available today for those that want to embrace them.

The Industry is Excited – People desire to break out of the economic funk that we are in.  There is a pent up energy that I think will explode if given the right situations.  Conversely, we could continue on this funk for a while longer.

People are still looking for answers – Tech answers, financial answers, organizational answers, career answers and so much more.  There appears to be a willingness to try something different even if the outcome is not well defined.

The Same Old Problems still exist – over and over, the same topics get discusses and answers offered, but no real movement.  People get tired of the recurring nature of technology issues and production issues coming back up again and again.

New Ventures are being created – I talked to many that were embarking on personal and vocational start-ups.  People are trying to see these old problems in a new light and provide answers.  People are creative in career moves and also resilient in career detours.

People are willing to help – the New Ventures are asking for help and getting it.  Helping others by getting the word out, assisting in providing perspectives, making connections and networking.  Help is out there – start asking.

Autodesk wants to be a partner – I am not asking you to ignore the obvious.  Yes their software has blind spots and trouble areas.  Yes it is easy to blame the software for troubles, but Autodesk wants to assist in your design efforts.  They want you to succeed.  They do want to sell software, but they often “pay it forward”.  Get connected with them.  Tap into the expertise that they want to share.  Talk to them about your issues and give them a fighting chance to respond to your sore spots and also energize your thinking.

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