CADDManager on November 29th, 2012

Day two was a long haul for me. I started the day early with presenting my second class. It was a round table discussion about the value of CAD Management and convincing your firm to embrace and respect the position.
It was a full room with many participating in a lively discussion on topics from the boss not understanding what you do and moving into areas of oversight where people have troubles. Many shared real life stories of troubles and solutions in a open and honest manner.

It was straight on to the next class where I presented on becoming an Extraordinary CAD Manager. Another full room with so many CAD Managers in one place. I discussed what I call the Core functions and perspectives of a CAD Manager and how the approach and what you do matters in moving your from average to extraordinary.

After lunch I spent some time in the AUGI Booth encouraging people to take the AUGI Top DAUG contest. With over 200 participants so far, it is going strong.

Then it was on to the AUGI Annual meeting where David Harrington presented the AUGI wish list voting results. Presentation of appreciation were given out to Autodesk and HP, plus a special gift for Tom Salomone of HP for his many years of support for AUGI.

The next stop was the Autodesk Sponsors Showcase where new technology was presented by Dell, Lenovo, HP and Intel.  Then off to the Show Floor to walk the hall and see what all the vendors had to share at their booths.

I did take in the “Cage Match” presented by Autodesk where two presenters sparred in full (and strange) costumes bantering their intellectual prowess but not actually exchanging blows as they danced around the ring.  Kind of strange.

One thing I noticed was the posting of graphical notes from some of the presentations.  A very visual way to keep track of thoughts and conversation flows.  If only I could draw that well.

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