CADDManager on December 12th, 2011

Communication, like your golf score or penmanship, can always be improved.  Letting people know what you have decided as a Manager is part of the job.  Doing it effectively can be tough.  When you have come to a conclusion either on your own or with your team, you need to let everyone know the outcome of the process. I have always encouraged managers to be expansive and  redundant. Let’s talk about the first.

Expansive Communication

There are many formal and informal ways to get the message out. Formal communication such as memos and documentation are great for documenting the decisions and getting verification that everyone is on the same page.  There is nothing like seeing it in writing to confirm that what was discussed is what is to be implemented. When people see it in writing – it carries more weight in the decision making process.  Documentation is good for defining the exact content of the message.  Others can read an confirm or reject the content of verbal messages that may be floating around the office. Informal communication runs the gamut of just talking to IM chats and more.

There is also Instant and Delayed methods of communication.  As I mentioned face to face talking is instant as is chatting online.  We can also include the telephone and cell phone communication and many collaboration tools that promise instant exchange of ideas.  Delayed communication would include snail mail, interoffice pouches, faxing, email, voice mail or text messaging.  These provide no guarantee of delivery at a specific time, but will get through at some point.

The point of bringing formal,informal, instant and delayed methods of communication is to get the point across that there are many and you need to be using all of them…

More to come.


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