CADDManager on December 21st, 2011

I have written extensively on delivering the messages that Managers have to deliver.  Here are a few links to read from my past writings

Can we talk? – Principles of CAD Management
Henri Fayol (1841-1925) was a French mining engineer who went on to become Director of Mines with over 1000 employees.  His company flourished and was the largest producer of steel and iron in France during his days.  In 1916 he published his perspectives in the book “Administration Industrielle et Générale”.  Included in his […]

The Power of the Written Word
Communication is so valuable and written communication is the artifact and record of a good process.  Writing is becoming a lost art for the common person.  Go back 150 years and read the articulate correspondence of common farmers who had become enlisted men in the American Civil War.  They are eloquent and full of great […]

Talk is Cheap – but so valuable
Communication is one area that can always be improved.  Getting the message across to others is what every manager has to do.  Communicating well and consistently is not easy.  You may do a good job of communicating the message out, but you might not do it often enough or to the right people.  Or you […]

Email Guidelines – A series of posts
Here are some general guidelines I use for email.  I have developed many of these and collected them and just picked them up here and there.  If I have copied them from the net and not given credit it is because I do […]

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