CADDManager on April 26th, 2011

Team Member Apathy – Members don’t really seem to care.  They come to the meetings and want to get their names on the reports and output, but they depend on the team to get the work done.  They really are not participating. The other members pull extra loads as they try to make the team move forward.  The other team members start to no longer include the apathetic member (or members) and move forward without them.  When this happens, there is a risk that those who are apathetic may get insulted when they are ignored or that they may not support the final decision if they see something that they did not contribute to (even if they chose not to contribute)

Non Team Players – Some will choose to selectively contribute to the team.  Non Team Players tend to press ahead without the entire team.  They may go over the head of team members or make personal pleas to outsiders if things are not going their way.  They frustrate others on the team by not performing the duties that the team has defined or doing other peoples jobs.  They don;t play by the rules that the team agreed to.

Working Outside the Team – Some team members go outside the team to make things happen.  This is not the same as working between meetings. That does happen, but it is between the team members, not with those that are not on the team.  When members go outside the team without the teams approval, those inside the team get frustrated and feel betrayed.

There are more that I could cover, but this will suffice for now.

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