CADDManager on November 23rd, 2010

In the book “The Truth about Leadership” by James M. Kouzes and
Barry Z. Posner, they state several “truths’ that they uncovered about leaders.

Based on about 30 years of research, with an overwhelming amount of input via surveys and leadership assessments their book explores the basic truths of leadership that remain the same regardless of context or circumstance.

They present 10 “Truths” and here is some comments on their #5 truth… “You Can’t do it Alone”

Leaders by themselves do not make anything happen. They need followers. It is a shared responsibility that needs others and the others need a leader. Leaders and Followers. It takes both.

Since it takes at least tow and often many to make this relationship work, it is up tot he leader to nurture that relationship. Leaders have to initiate relationships and they need to move them forward. Leaders need to be sensitive to others. They need to build and sustain a good positive relationship. They need to seek to understand the needs and perspectives of others.

How do they do this?

  • They ask questions
  • They listen to others perspectives
  • They provide support for other people goals
  • They develop skills in others
  • They ask for help from others
  • They align people in a common cause or goal
  • They make people feel that the goals are achievable
  • They empower people
  • They encourage others and enable them to be even better than they already are

Are you connecting with others?

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