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I had a chance to review a video tutorial from based in Ontario, Canada . They have just created a beginners 10 hour video tutorial on AutoCAD 2011 and will also release a follow-up AutoCAD 2011 Advanced, both these titles have been authored by CAD expert and owner of Cad-a-Blog, Brian Benton.

I found their easy to use viewer had sharp and crisp video and audio that was easy to navigate – see screen cap below. Mr. Benton has a pleasant voice that uses inflections for emphasis and changes in tone so as not to become monotonous. He explains the basics and does not assume that you know anything. It is not boring for high end users either.

He starts with the installation of the software – you can skip it if you have done this already. Then he moves from the beginning with the users interface, new user setup and what to choose, and then makes a quick run through the opening, picking and clicking that may stump a new user.

Moving to new features Brian provides an overview of what you might miss if you just jump into the program. Isolate Objects is one of the new features that is buried under your Right Click Menu. It is not Layer Isolate, but it shows you only the specific objects you have selected by hiding the display of the other objects that you did not select. Good to know.

The training marches through so many features that they are too expansive to mention, but some highlights are Boundary Hatch Previews, Hatch to Layer, XREF Manager updates, 3D Modeling Tools, Rendering and Materials and much much more.

At the end of a section there is a Chapter Project. The author leads you through a project that uses some of the provided data files. These are a form of review as well and a unification of the tools and principles that were presented in the proceeding chapter.

No one should miss the Accuracy chapter of the video training. It includes OSNAP, ORTHO and GRIPS. The trilogy of CAD accuracy are critical to the creation of good data. Sprinkled throughout this sessions, and all sessions for that matter, are tips and trick and keyboard shortcuts. This keeps the training lively and interesting.

Some facts about the video:

The video resolution is designed to allow the application to be used in conjunction with the training, people with huge monitors often forget that some users don’t have the screen real estate to run a app like AutoCAD and a view a movie in a viewable size at the same time, they try to offer a size that suits all.

While AutoCAD is mainly a PC App (A Mac version is out now also) so the training works on PC or Mac.

A custom made player is included, but users with older machines or who wish to use a more simplistic approach can use our Compatibility player that uses basic HTML technology. The training can be paused, rewound or fast forwarded at any point.

Working files are included for users to follow along with the lessons.

A multi-user version is also available, allowing the training to be installed on a local server and delivered via a local network.

They allow users to view the first 3 chapters online for free, so you can make a good evaluation of the title before purchasing. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee. The product is available either on DVD or via Instant Download.

Take a look for yourself…

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