CADDManager on October 25th, 2010

Are you bored?

In a 2008 book published in Germany titled “Diagnosis BoreOut” by Peter Werder and Philippe Rothlin they define a BoreOut as a blight that affects modern organizations, especially office environments for white collar workers.  They say that lack of work, boredom and the resulting lack of satisfaction in the work environment cause workers to have a BoreOut.  They continue to develop the idea that the absence of meaningful tasks as opposed to stress causes dissatisfaction with their jobs.

Rather than Burnout, they think that BoreOut causes more lost productivity.   The authors research uncovered workers who blame either bosses who do not delegate well or over achiever coworkers who take all the good work.  The authors even go so far as to say that some workers waste over two hours a day on useless tasks.  Many sited a lack of assigned tasks.  They said they just had nothing to do.

The book sites a few coping techniques that we have all heard about or even used in the past.  One is the “stretch your work” strategy in which you draw out the time it takes to get a task done.  Another is what they call the “pseudo-commitment” strategy in which the worker comes in early and stays late to make it seem like they are dedicated.  Or looking busy by scattering papers on their desk.

With all that said, are you bored at work? Do you want more challenging tasks and assignments?  CAD Managers can experience this because the job it somewhat monotonous.  Before you get bored out of your job. Think about what motivates you and what bores you.  Are you getting bored?

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  1. At least I’m not bored all the time. I have work to do, it’s just not very engaging right now. Typing meeting minutes, playing connect-the-dots with survey points, etc is very boring. But once in a while I’ll get a project that I find interesting. I look forward to those. And if I truly have nothing to do, I can always re-organize my filing system.

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