CADDManager on August 4th, 2010

In “the Nature of Managerial Work” (1980), Henry Mintzberg outline the Ten Roles of a manager.  These ten roles have been applied in many ways to many differing titles within an organization.  I attempt here to apply them to the role of CAD Manager.

He grouped them into three sets – Interpersonal, Informational and Decisional.   Here is the first set.


1) Figurehead – The CAD Manager acts as a symbol or representative of the organization.  The CAD Manager fills this role when he or she stands up for the company in front of vendors, clients and co-workers.  They represent the company in negotiations with resellers and providers.  They reflect the values of the company to outsiders.  It might be just a ceremonial role when receiving awards or accolades for the firm or when speaking at event.  When they talk, they are speaking as one from a management level of the firm.

2) Leader – The CAD Manager interacts with subordinates to motivate and develop them.  It is their role to encourage staff to use the standard.  Not to just use it but to understand it and agree with the reasons for it’s existence.  They educate others in the use of their tools and software to make the company more productive.  They oversee the overall training efforts.  They motivate others to care about CAD and the quality of the product.

3) Liaison – The CAD Manager establishes a network of contacts to gather information inside and outside the company.  They are connected.  Internally, they connect with upper management and the front line users.  They gather information about productivity, problems and project milestones.  They use this information to define their tasks.  Externally, they link to others in the industry or CAD arena to get more info and tips on how to do things better or avoid mistakes.

These three are focused on interacting with others.  Personally communicating and exchanging information.  Motivating others, representing the firm and gathering information via conversations.

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