CADDManager on August 5th, 2010

In “the Nature of Managerial Work” (1980), Henry Mintzberg outline the Ten Roles of a manager.  The book is 30 years old but there are still many that rely upon his categorizations.   I attempt here to apply them to the role of CAD Manager.

He grouped them into three sets – Interpersonal, Informational and Decisional.   Here is the second set.


4) Monitor – The CAD Manager gathers information from inside and outside the company.  Information is power and the CAD Manager needs information to do their job.  Information is useless unless processed and reviewed.  The CAD Manager scans books and articles, the Internet, blogs, tweets, wherever…  They keep their ears open and their eyes scanning.

5) Disseminator – The CAD Manager transmits both factual and attitudinal information to others inside the firm.  They do not hoard the information they collect.  They process it and pass on the useful info to others.  Facts and data plus any kind of cultural indications about where the firm or the staff may be headed.  What do others think of the CAD environment?  The CAD Manager finds out and tells others.

6) Spokesperson – The CAD Manager provides information to others outside the firm.  They do this verbally when they present or are speakers at events, or they do it through written reports and more.  They get involved in outlining the CAD capabilities that marketing and PR are using in proposals.  They help frame the message on their websites.  They provide information to their Project Managers and sales staff so that they know what the capabilities and differentiators are that set the company apart.

The Informational skills are always needed.  Not only for gathering but for distributing.  Information is to be shared.  The more others know about your environment the better they will be at understanding your goal, processes and focus.

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