CADDManager on June 21st, 2010

Working collaboratively means boosting communications.  One way to do that is with quick – short meetings.

I personally call it a “Stand Up Meeting”.  I have heard it called “The Huddle” or other things.

Here are some basic ground rules for the meeting.

Meetings start on time.

Meeting last 15-20 minutes or less (depending on attendee count)

It should be short and sweet.  Direct and to the point.  No chit chat.

Everyone stands up.  No seating provided or used. (hence the name Stand Up Meeting)

Round-robin reporting.  Each person goes in turn.

If you cannot attend – send a representative.

Each person answers four questions:

  1. What have you done since the last meeting?
  2. What will you do before the next meeting?
  3. Do you need anything from anyone before the next meeting to keep you on track (are there any roadblocks that need to be cleared, help needed?)
  4. Are you on track with the overall plan? (if the plan or task extends beyond one meeting)

The meeting will not discuss solutions, options or planning – take that offline.

The leader will be tasked with running the meeting, staying on topic and moving conversations offline.

Meetings can be daily or weekly depending on the needs of the tasks, plans and group.

These meetings can be effective in exposing delays, increasing accountability and encouraging collaboration.

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