CADDManager on June 15th, 2010

Last Gasp for CAD…  maybe not…

Here are some reasons that CAD may not be closing in on end of life.

1.  The developers of CAD software are still making strides in adding tools to the 2D world of CAD.  Each new release brings improvements.  They may seem small to most, but out there somewhere is a very happy user (many of them) that the new release does this or that.  And sometimes there are major upgrades that bring new functions.

2.  The trickle down of functions end up in the base CAD products. There are many items that use to be part of the advanced tools in the past that are now resident in the newer releases.  These improve the basic CAD functions and provide greater productivity.

3.  CAD is the basic 2D drafting function that everyone needs.  Face it – there are a lot of functions that you do that do not need to be in 3D.  They just are not 3D objects.  They do not need to be displayed in 3D.  Annotation comes to mind.

4.  CAD platforms are the guts of many advance tools.  Most of the migratory programs (those that continue to mature from a 2D platform) are based on 2D CAD code and functions.

5.  There are way too many people that just need 2D.  Scores of them.  Tons of them.  Dare I say – most of them?

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  1. You can get the look of 3D, either by using an isometric view, and giving height by using the thickness option. This might not be the same as a true 3D model, but it will give the “look” of a 3D.

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