CADDManager on March 23rd, 2010

In general – leave all of these as they are.

This area controls options for existing and new layout tabs. A layout is a paper space display of model space entities in which you can set up drawings for plotting.

Display Layout and Model Tabs
Displays the layout and Model tabs at the bottom of the drawing area. When this option is cleared, the tabs are replaced by buttons on the status bar.

Display Printable Area
Displays printable area in a layout. The printable area is represented by a dashed line and is determined by the selected output device. Objects drawn outside of the printable area are clipped or omitted when the drawing is plotted.  Leave this on…

Display Paper Background
Displays a representation of the specified paper size in a layout. The paper size and plot scale determine the size of the paper background.  Paper Space would not be the same without this.

Display Paper Shadow
Displays shadow around the paper background in layout.  Makes it look so real 🙂

Show Page Setup Manager for New Layouts
Displays the Page Setup Manager the first time you click a layout tab. Use this dialog box to set options related to paper and plot settings.  This is the only one that I might suggest you test out. If it is turned off, then your new layout tabs will just show up without asking for input.

Create Viewport in New Layouts
Creates a single viewport automatically when you create a new layout.  If you do not want a default viewport cut, then turn this off.

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