CADDManager on February 15th, 2010

Here is the 2010 Comparison Matrix between AutoCAD and LT that I found on the Autodesk website

You can see the list here

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4 Responses to “AutoCAD vs. AutoCAD LT – What is the difference?”

  1. I use AutoCAD 2010 LT and am always thinking of upgrading but I did notice something on the list. I do get notifications of changes to a external reference. If a Ext. Ref. changes and the changes are saved, then the host drawing will have a balloon pop up notifying me of the change.

    Just something I noticed.

  2. We’ve gotten this question a ton at Managed Design (we’re a reseller). If you don’t need any of the following four features, LT might be right for you:

    – 3D Capabilities
    – Network Licensing
    – 3rd Party Add-Ons
    – LISP Programming

    AutoCAD LT won’t do these things, so if you need them, you may want to consider the full package. Full details here:

  3. Hi there,

    I am going to be using SMART Scaffolder, a program for scaffolding design. I need to use AutoCAD aswell to import drawings, however i am having difficulty understanding whether i will need the full version or just LT. Will LT allow me to design scaffolding?


    Luke Hunma

  4. I am architect, and I would like know if I can put that Autocad LT in Netbook 32gb?


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