CADDManager on December 16th, 2009

What makes a Leader?  Some perspectives need to be in place…

I start with this one, but it is not necessarily the first or most important concept. It might be, but I don’t really know. You might think it is and you may not.

Leadership is not about you.

Leaders are not in it for themselves.  This does not mean that there are no personal rewards for leaders, but that the main focus of a true leader is not on themselves and what they can gain.  A leader looks to make progress in several areas and the premiere one is not themselves.  They may look to progress a movement or a cause.  They may look to advance understanding of an issue. They may seek to encourage others to excel.  All of these can be part of a leaders motivation, but self aggrandizement should not be at the top.

People who move into a leadership position with an attitude that they will  reap personal rewards may be in for a shock. The rewards are great as you see the team succeed or plans unfold with success.  But leadership is often a tough, thankless job.  Leaders are often misunderstood or thought to be focused in the wrong direction.  Those who disagree with them may become more vocal.  Anyone who thinks that leaders have a great job have not been in their shoes.

Leaders are “others” focused.  They look for ways to promote others.  To help others succeed.  To move others along in their quest for leadership.

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