CADDManager on December 16th, 2009

What makes a leader?

Another perspective that leaders have is that they take ownership of the planning, process and outcome.  They share the planning and processes and seek to insure that the outcome is positive.  They act like they are owners of the outcome.  They act as if success or failure were personally affecting them (which it does). They act as if the money it takes to purchase was their own. They think and act as if the company was theirs.

Leaders share success with the team.  When success is achieved, the team gets the credit.  When praise is given they step back and allow the team to soak it in.  When there is success, a leader step back to allow the accolades to flow to the team..

Leaders strive to not pass the buck or place blame when things go bad.  When failure occurs, they take the blame.  They may not have caused the failure personally, but they step to the front when blame is occurring to accept the critique and protect the team.  When there is failure, a leader step forward to take the brunt of the critique.

Taking ownership does not mean “my way or the highway”.  Owners seek the best for the whole.  Issues that have no owner soon flounder.  Issues that have a controlling owner soon alienate the team from wanting to participate.  You cannot just dictate and give orders.  That does not work with most people.  They want to contribute and be part of the process.

Even though you are the “owner”, you may want to let others decide. Be willing to accept the decisions of competent people who are closest to the issues at hand.  Let those that have more skill or knowledge that you in a specific area have more influence on the decisions.  Teamwork is where leaders need to excel.

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  1. Excellent reading.
    If only people followed this good advise. “More often”
    People will happier with their lives and work.

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