CADDManager on December 3rd, 2009

Day three started with an AUGI board meeting followed by my CAD Leadership 2009 presentation.

Here is some of the info from that presentation:

When you started down your CAD career you had no CAD Skills. Once you got CAD Skills you thought… Maybe I could be a CAD Manager…

So you added Management Skills. Then you thought… Why am I still having trouble?

You need to add Leadership Skills!

CAD Skills got you to step one – It was all about what you know
Management got you to step two – IT was then all about what you do
Leadership will get you to the top – This is based on who you are – your character

After this was the AUGI Past Presidents lunch. Sitting around discussing how AUGI got started and the milestones along the way. AUGI is turning 20.

The AUGI Annual Meeting and then the AUGI Beer Bust.

What a day

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