CADDManager on November 5th, 2009

I have been so busy getting my handouts and presentations done for AU 2009 that I just have not had time to post on my blog…

Here is a sneak peek from my two classes…

CADD Leadership 2009

What got you here – won’t get you there

  • When you started down this road you had no CAD Skills
  • Once you got CAD Skills you thought… Maybe I could be a CAD Manager…
  • So you added Management Skills
  • Then you thought… Why am I still having trouble…
  • You need to add Leadership Skills!

Leading from your Strength…

Gallup Poll on what the boss wants to see…

  • Resourcefulness (81 percent)
  • Decisiveness (75 percent)
  • Managing change (69 percent)
  • Straightforwardness and composure (68 percent)
  • Building and mending relationships (67 percent)
  • Doing whatever it takes (67 percent)
  • Employing a participative management style (64 percent)

BIM Manager – the Newest Position

The Changes of BIM
BIM requires you to…

  • forget old habits
  • reinvent old work flow
  • redefine project teams
  • refine design team coordination processes
  • establishing levels of design detail in BIM
  • investigate changes to billing and invoicing your clients
  • investigate changes to design support functionality (specs and estimating)
  • rethink accounting, billing, PM workflow
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