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Save with Visual Fidelity for Annotative Objects

When working with annotative objects in 2010, this option allows you to maintain visual fidelity for these objects when they are viewed in AutoCAD 2007 and earlier releases. Visual fidelity is controlled by the SAVEFIDELITY system variable.

SAVEFIDELITY – Controls whether the drawing is saved with visual fidelity.

0 = Saved without visual fidelity.

1 = Annotation objects assigned annotative scales are saved to separate layers for each scale used. Only affects drawings when saving to AutoCAD 2007 or earlier file formats.

If you work primarily in model space, it is recommended that you turn off visual fidelity (set SAVEFIDELITY to 0). However, if you need to exchange drawings with other users, and layout fidelity is most important, then visual fidelity should be turned on (set SAVEFIDELITY to 1).

Notes from the Help File:

The SAVEFIDELITY system variable does not effect saving a drawing to the AutoCAD 2010 drawing or DXF file formats.

Annotative objects may have multiple scale representations. When visual fidelity is on, annotative objects are decomposed and scale representations are saved (in an anonymous block) to separate layers, which are named based on their original layer and appended with a number. If you explode the block in AutoCAD 2007 or earlier releases, and then open the drawing in AutoCAD 2008 or later releases, each scale representation becomes a separate annotative object, each with one annotation scale. It is not recommended that you edit or create objects on these layers when working with a drawing created in AutoCAD 2008 and later releases in AutoCAD 2007 and earlier releases.

When this option is not selected, a single model space representation is displayed on the Model tab. More annotation objects may be displayed on the Model tab depending on the ANNOALLVISIBLE setting. Also, more objects may be displayed in paper space viewports at different sizes than in AutoCAD 2008 and later releases.

Using Options to set this variable via the dialog box:

Look for this area on the interface:


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  1. We are in the process of upgrading to AutoCAD 2010 from AutoCAD 2007. I know we are behind the times, seeing as 2012 will most likey be shortly relaeased. We save the majority of our drawings in AutoCAD 2000 format in order to pass on to our clients. AutoCAD 2010 created a lot of proxy information. Which has been a bit of a problem till I learned how to use -EXPORTTOAUTOCAD. We then discovered some stray MTEXT entities that only show up if you actually open in AutoCAD 2000 or 2002. I think it has something to do with MTEXT dynamic columns. If I open and save the same drawing thru 2007 they disappear. I had to write a routine to remove the extra characters in 2010. I the majority of our stuff is 2d model space, very old school. Will this variable have an effect on anything that is not annotative.

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