CADDManager on September 14th, 2009

When creating a deployment image for 2010…  here is what is presented related to the licensing scheme.

I am having conversations with Autodesk about my vision of how a license should work and what I want and this was offered at the time of deployment.

They have two versions of licensing – Redundant and Distributed – neither of which truly help me with disaster recovery and the daily hiccups of licensing.  They have offered some solutions, but it is a very management heavy process at best.

Anyway – here are the current options…

Redundant server

With the redundant server model, you use exactly three servers to authenticate a single license file. One server acts as the master, while the other two provide backup if the primary server fails. With this configuration, the system continues to monitor and issue licenses as long as at least two of the three servers are functional.

The redundant server configuration requires that all three license servers use either Windows® NT Server or Windows 2000 Server, and be on the same subnet.

Advantages of redundant servers

* If a single server fails all licenses will be available.

Disadvantages of redundant servers

* If multiple servers fail, no licenses will be available.
* All servers must be on same local subnet.
* Cannot be used to provide network fault tolerances.
* Requires Windows NT® 4.0 or Windows 2000 Server edition operating systems.
* Complex to administer.
* Complete pool must be rebuilt in the event of a member server replacement.

Distributed server

With the distributed server configuration, the available licenses are divided (distributed) among more than one license server. Each server functions independently. If one of the servers fails, the licenses on that server become unavailable.

Advantages of distributed servers

* Two or more servers supported.
* Servers may be distributed across a wide area network (WAN).
* May be set up to provide network fault tolerance.
* As long as one server is up, some licenses are available.
* Will work on Windows NT 4.0 workstation or Windows 2000 Professional operating systems.
* Easier to administer.
* Rapid replacement of individual failed servers.

Disadvantages of distributed servers

* If a single server fails some licenses will be unavailable.

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3 Responses to “Autodesk – FlexLM and 2010 licensing”

  1. The supported OS-Version does not Sound very sophisticated…?

    BTW: I would love to read some insights about creating the deployment image for 2010.

  2. Hi,

    I would like to check if I can install the license manager on different OS? I understand that Autodesk states that all 3 servers have to have the same OS install, is there a way around for this?

    Lawrence Giam.

  3. Lawrence,

    Have you tried to just install it. We have had differing OS’s on our servers in the past. It was not planned, but it seemed to work. We did have some difficulty with the end user machine not recognizing the right server. Not sure if that was an OS thing.


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