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Back on May 16th, 2005 I posted on my dismay that some folks are still not totally sold on Paper Space or they just don’t understand it fully. I still get comments (even in 2009) about how it it tough to understand and use.

Well – it still think that must be true for some…

At Autodesk University 2007 Dan Abbott taught the class again.

Dan teaches in the Architectural and Engineering Design department at Southern Maine Community College. In his 12 years of presenting at AU, he has received three Top Speaker awards. Dan is the author of a book, AutoCAD: Secrets Every User Should Know (Sybex press, 2007). Find it on my list of books that you should buy in my bookstore.

Here is the Class Description from Dan’s Class…

If you’re confused about Paper Space, this class is for you. We’ll go through Plotting step by step so you can learn how to efficiently lay out drawings, use annotative scales, solve problems, manage dimensioning, and control layer visibility. This class aims to take the mystery out of Paper Space and demonstrate how any office stands to benefit if everyone understands how to plot from layouts.

If you are a AU Online member you can get the handout. Here is the main page for his class.

I found some other material in PS… I have not reviewed these, so this is not an endorsement like the one above.

From the CAD Classroom site… these are from 2003.

Paper Space Explained – Lesson 1

Paper Space Explained – Lesson 2

Paper Space Explained – Lesson 3

Paper Space Explained – Lesson 4

Paper Space Explained – Lesson 5

Paper Space Explained – Lesson 6

Here is one from

One from

Need more – just Google “AutoCAD Paper Space”

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