CADDManager on July 20th, 2009

Boundary Management is a vital tool for any manager as long as it is applied correctly.  It must be used at the right time, in the right way and in the right situation.

Boundary Management as previously defined is loosely defining the target and setting up limits. It is not creating a bull’s eye, but rather a ballpark.

So when do you use this method of management?

Here are a few areas:

When defining your CAD Standard – this may include quite a few exact targets, but some areas may allow a little wiggle room.

When you are seeking creative answers to problems – this allows people to think outside the box (as long as they are still in the ballpark)

When you are researching new tools – finding new software tools is not an exact science. IF you restrict the search you may overlook some valuable options.

When coaching an employee – let them define a few things. If you have established every last nuance of a process, then they are little more than slave labor.

When delegating a task – paint the target well, but in broad terms and define what is not allowed. By giving someone some leeway in the method they use to get the job done they can bring value to the process that you never thought of.

Boundary Management can and should be part of your varied management skills.  It may be already, but if it is not, think about giving it a try.

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