CADDManager on June 9th, 2009

Every Standard has to have a way to identify what file type you have. Having a designator in the file name can help everyone know who is overseeing what.

Here is an example – again – it is NCS compliant.

File Type Designator examples:


AD Area Development
DP Demolition Plan
EL Elevation
EP Equipment Plan
FE Fire Egress Plan
FI Finish And Material Plan
FM Mezzanine Floor Plan
FP Floor Plan
FU Furniture Plan
GR Grid Layout
LP Landscape And Paving Plan
MP Master Layout Plan
RC Reflected Ceiling Plan
RP Roof Plan
SC Section
SH Schedules
SP Site Plan
SS Specialty Systems
VC Vertical Circulation Plan
WS Wall Section
XE Enlarged Elevation
XL Enlarged Floor Plan
XP Existing Plan
XR Existing Reflected Ceiling Plan
XS Enlarged Section

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