CADDManager on June 17th, 2009

Sheet Files

14 characters maximum (not including file type extension)

Standard: PPAD-TT-LLL_R

PP: Project Identifier (2 characters) (Optional)
A: Phase Identifier (1 character or “-“) (optional)
D: Discipline (1 character)
“-“: hyphen
TT: File Type (2 character) (Optional)
LLL: Sheet Number (3 characters )
_R: Revision suffix – (Optional 1 character and placeholder as required)

PC-A-FP210.dwg = Pima County, Architectural, Floor Plan, Sheet 2.10

S8AC-PR615.dwg = Santana segment 8, Phase A, Civil, Profile, Sheet 6.15

A-201.dwg – Arch Sheet 201 with no optional characters

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One Response to “CAD Standards – Example File Names – Sheet Files”

  1. Using the NCS method of file naming (or slight variation), how is it possible to get files to list chronologically with the sheet order? Generally, the G-, AS, AD, etc. sheets sort after the A- sheets? This is important for larger projects where batch plotting is done so that the sheets print in the order at which they should be bound in the set. I would prefer a method that would push G-, AD, and AS before the A- sheets in this listed order. Any suggestions?

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