CADDManager on May 20th, 2009

Don’t expect anyone to read the Standard

Okay – you have just finished defining, collecting, collating, writing and publishing your standard. Now – act like no one will ever read it.

The reason I say that is because “if” people read it, it will be because you make them. Most of them will not care to read it. They will ask you want it says and they will expect you to know it like the back of your hand. But they will seek the easiest way to get the information. If you are that way – they will use you.

You need to answer their questions but always point them back to reading the standard. I have been at peoples desk and they have asked me a question about the standard. Here is my exchange… with respect… with a smile…

Me: Where is your CAD Standard? You have a copy – right?

Them: Yes – I have one – somewhere…

Me: Ok – let’s get it out. Where is it? I will wait. Please find it. (wait patiently while they dig out the book, look under their table for the book, try to find the book in their bookcase…)

Them: Here it is…

Me: Open it to page 22 – it is on that page. (they open to page 22) – see it – right there in the second paragraph.

Them: Oh – I did not see that before.

Me: (Chuckling and poking them a little) Well, you need to read it. And keep it on your desk.

I walk away hoping that they will read it more than they have in the past.

Management won’t read it either – it is your area. They feel they don’t need to read it. They don’t understand what it says much anyway.

I am not a defeatist on this issue – this is just a tip of the hat to reality.

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3 Responses to “CAD Standard Concept – No One will Read it”

  1. But having it there still matters!

  2. YES – We all still need one. It was not my intention to make it seem like a CAD Standard is not needed.

  3. This is why I insisted my CAD manuals are only about 20-30 pages. The manual can be sifted through very quickly, and can be used for “quick reference”. In my previous offices where I held the post of CAD/BIM Manager, the manual *was* actually used on a semi-regular basis – until I posted it online instead of printing it.

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