CADDManager on April 14th, 2009

A Team of Individuals

You may not have total control over who is part of the team

This can happen easily as some teams are defined by those that either get on it by the nature of their title or the nature of the politics in the office. This is a hard one to work around. The office politics may be thick and heavy, and challenging someone’s seat at the table can give you some heartache. Try to work with those who have been given to you first before you try to change the mix on your team.

If you can define the team yourself, select wisely. Here are some tips for getting the right team together.


Select representatives from each office, studio, location, division or whatever way your firm is divided up. Having someone from each location allows you to include every part of the firm. You do not want to leave any area out. If they are left out and do not have a representative, they will not follow the guideline you will create.

Independent Voices

People want to have a representative, but your team needs to know that the representative needs to have an independent mind. They are a rep for their group back at the office, but they need to have individual voices. This means that they cannot just keep silent and check in with others before adding an opinion. They will check what the group is deciding against the input from their office, but they need to have their own voices adding input as you move forward.

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