CADDManager on April 13th, 2009

Creating your team from scratch

When it comes time to set aside a group of people from your firm to help define and review a CAD Standard you will need to think long and hard about who should be on the team.


Creative teams are usually 3-5 persons in size. Your team will need to be bigger than this, but you need to keep in mind that smaller teams can move quicker and create things from nothing faster than larger teams because of the smaller scale of input and opinions.

Review teams are usually 7-12 persons in size. This provides a broader level of perspectives needed to fully think through the concerns and impacts of a CAD Standard. This is the size of the team you want. Smaller teams for smaller firms are fine, but if you have over 100 or so persons that interact with CAD, then you will need a larger team.

Teams that are over 15 persons or so can be hard to work with and also may not generate consistency. Many will check in and out of the process and you will soon find that a dedicated number will be fully vested in the process. This will naturally happen as you move through the early to mid stages of the process. So even if you start with a team this big, it will winnow its way down as you proceed.


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