CADDManager on April 22nd, 2009

When beginning the discussion on CAD Standards it may be helpful to do a quick triage of subjects.

Check out my list to see a good starting point.

Use a quick list like this to define what areas you will need to dig deeper on and which ones you can move through quickly. You can think through each of these from the perspective of the impact of not having a refined standard for that area, or from the point of view of how much positive progress you can make by defining or expanding the topic.

Put them in the order that you would like to start discussing them. Run your list past a few others to get their input. You could run it past the entire group, but that might take longer. The point of this effort is to get a fast priority order, not to perfect the process. Coming up with a priority list will help you take steps toward moving through the overwhelming list of possible discussion areas.

Some of the areas will move to the top of the list and others will sink to the bottom. This will make enough difference so that you do not really need to spend a lot of time on it. Getting a general group of top level items and bottom level items will assist you with starting in the right areas and leaving the not so important areas for later.

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