CADDManager on March 25th, 2009

Before we move on to developing a CAD Standard lets think about who needs to be involved in the process.

CAD needs governance. Governing a CAD environment cannot be overlooked. Approaching the oversight of CAD from a willy-nilly perspective of doing what just comes your way will not allow you to make greater strides toward higher levels of CAD productivity.

Governing CAD need not be a daunting task. It can be as simple as asking a few people what they think needs to be done, having them review your plans, bouncing ideas off of them or more. But it does need to be formal. If it is not then you run the risk of falling out of a good habit of planning and into a bad habit of responding only to others input and demands.

So where do you start?

I suggest starting first with yourself and your staff (if you have any). Get your act together before you open it to others. Unless you are a one person show, you will need to involve others in working out your CAD processes, even small shops with just a few players needs to have some form of guideline or standard.

Standards will happen even if you do not plan them out or document them. People will develop agreed upon methods and processes so that they can work better together. This happens naturally. Your job is to capitalize on the nature bent of people to plan their work. Your job is to refine and expand on what they have. Your job is to make it widely used.

There are several teams you need to develop to enhance CAD Governance.

They include:

Corporate Management Team

Office CAD Liaisons/Reps/Super Users

CAD Standard Review Committee

The Inner Circle

Read more about these teams in the Part 2 post…

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