CADDManager on February 18th, 2009

I am discussing Users of the Future and thinking that tomorrow will bring changes that may be seen from today’s vantage points. I do not claim to be a futurist, but some of these are coming in ways that are obvious if you look for them.

Change will be a constant even more

Users in the future will exist in a constant state of change. You ask yourself “how can it get any faster than what it is now? “ but it will. In the future, there will be a collaborative effort to make the tools work together, but the range of tools will continue to expand.

Changes come from software developers that continue to push the envelope in response the the demands of the users to make tools do what they want. The complicated tools of today may give way to a simplification of interfaces and a reduction in interaction points. This might push into a new menu interface that is beyond our reach at this point but that may possible since the tools are pushing us into better hardware.

As hardware strives to catch up with the software demands, this will create a new baseline machine that is more powerful and faster than the ones we have today. This platform will launch the developers toward offloading the tedious work that we have to now do. The things that were promised in CAD, began to be delivered by BIM will be achieved in a new platform that embraces fully expanded 3d functions.

There will be a backlash as users demand simplicity in the products that they buy. The developers cannot keep pushing the users into more advanced tools without a simplification happening. There has to be some breathing space for the tired user in the future that allows them to stop and refresh themselves. There also has to be a concerted effort to fix all of the lingering annoyances of CAD and the developing ones in BIM. I am patient with BIM because it is still maturing, but CAD – come on.


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