CADDManager on January 28th, 2009

Now let’s turn to better ideas for taking notes.  I admit that I need to work on this.  So don’t expect to see me actually doing many of these.

Have a central location for your notes. I work for Architects.  They always seem to have a notepad or journal where they take all their notes. I often wonder if they actually ever go back and read them.   They go to meetings with the same journals.  They are small or large.  Thick and thin.  Just about everything you could think of.

Use an organizer or planner. Franklin Covey has these things.  I know people to live and die by these things.  They jot down everything that could/should/sould ever happen.  They plan it all out and refer to it all the time.

Share your notes with others. This is akin ot meeting minutes, but is actually your notes about or during the meeting.  They are not official, but they do record your perspectives.  These are shared with others after the meeting so that everyone is on the page.  It also makes you take better notes if you know others will be reviewing them.

Be consistant. Keep notes the same way allthe time.  If you use a highlighter – define what color means what.  If you use abbreviations – use the same ones all the time.

Write notes on the agenda. If you are given an agenda, take notes on the back of that paper.  Or take notes on the agenda itself. Write between the lines, you always try to read between them any ways.


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