CADDManager on November 12th, 2008

Now we turn to another issue that will render your standard pretty much useless at some point.

A Useless CAD Standard is…

Not Updated

Waiting too long to update your standard can make it functionally useless.  It will actually work, but is outdated and not covering what is needed for the newest release of your software.   There may be items not covered or covered in an outdated manner.  there may be areas that are totally not included since they did not exist when the last update was done.

Avoiding this trouble:

Update it – simple enough.  Make a plan and start working through the issues that are missing or outdated.  Take them one at a time and in the priority that impacts the projects the most.  Move from issues not covered at all (do these first)  to those not covered well enough.  Fix typos and wording as you move along.  Expand on the areas that have changed.  Remove areas that are no longer needed.

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