CADDManager on October 31st, 2008

I just recieved this file – hot off the presses from Autodesk.  I have permission to post it, but if they want me to take if down or change the link, I may have to do that.

“The Revit platform’s performance depends on the hardware environment provided for the software. The Revit platform team has assembled this collection of hardware requirements as researched by both internal development and our community of dedicated customers.

Many people on the Revit platform team from Quality Assurance, Development, Consulting and Product Management contributed to this document, but a number of recommendations arose from the community of Revit-based application users, who generously contributed their time and expertise to their peers in a number of forums, and urged Autodesk to help share their knowledge with an even wider audience.

As always, our thanks go to our customers, who are part of the team helping to improve the Revit platform with every release through their insightful comments and suggestions.

The Revit Platform Development Team”

Take a look at the PDF

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