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Don’t attach files unnecessarily. Do not forget to attach files prior to sending. I see this a lot.  Take a moment before you send an email to make sure that you have actually attached the file.  Are you absolutely sure your recipient can read the attached format you are about to send them? Are they expecting the attachment from you?

Instead of sending an attachment, consider covering short topics in the body of your email. If you really do need to send an attachment, make sure that the recipient of your email can open the attachment you send. It is best not to use newer versions in MS Word, PowerPoint, etc unless you are collaborating on a document and all parties have agreed on the format to use.

Use HTML or PDF for document exchange instead.

Attachments that are used to send files back and forth should be used only when sending outside of your office. Internal documents can be shared via your server. Send only the location, not the document.

Large attachments may not make it to others who have limits on sizes.  If you are sending large attachments, make sure you mention the fact that there should be an attachment and also the size.


A signature is a short piece of text added to the foot your emails usually containing pertinent contact details about yourself.

Try not to be too formal when sending replies.  First exchanges need full signiture lines.  Subsequent emails may not need that level of detail.  I always include a phone number in every reply.

Do not double sign your email.  If you use a signature, do not end your message by signing your name.  Use your name only once.

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2 Responses to “Email Guidelines – Part 3 – Attachments”

  1. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the valuable tips. I always open & view files from outlook after attaching it in order to make sure that I have attached the lastest revision of the documents. Sometimes you might end up attaching a previous revision by mistake due to the similarity in name.


  2. Also be aware that the way the attachment show up might not work as you are used to. Lotus Notes is a complete different thing than Outlook. Notes can have the attachment hidden within the body of the email and might be missed if you forward an email. I’ve learned this the hard way. Need to remember to write that there is an attached file so the recipient knows it.

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