CADDManager on September 22nd, 2008

Working with people is the most important talent that you can add to your technical skills.  Developing people skills will move you fast and farther toward your goals than just waiting for things to happen.  Here are two that you could work on:

1.  Understanding others. “The single most important principle in the field of interpersonal relations is this: Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Most people listen, not with the intent to understand, but with the intent to reply.” Steven R. Covey

This is so  true.  I find myself constantly developing my response before the person is even done telling me what the issues are.  I need to focus on listening completely to the comments others are making.  I have seen in others (and myself) an exchange of perspectives and words, but no responses to the ideas presented.  In conversation, we often just swap stances without seeking to find the compromise in the middle.  We need to first ask questions to clarify the other persons point of view and make sure we fully understand, then formulate our reply.

2.  Express yourself. Make sure that you have fully thought out what you have to say – before you say it.  Some people think while talking.  They talk things out.   They just start talking and talk until they have it all work out.  This works for some.  But most people do not have the time to allow others to talk it through (return to number 1 if this is your trouble).  So make sure that you are offering the most information in the shortest amount of time.  Get to the point.

Another point on this topic… Speak your mind.  Make sure that when you have an opinion, that others know what it is.  You, as CAD Manager,are expected to have a perspective on things.  Get it out there. Respectfully and not forcibly, but get it out there.

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