CADDManager on August 28th, 2008

Tools – Talent – Technology – Training

These four T’s can be used to define your efforts in you job. Combine these four and you get a balanced approach to CAD.

Training is how you get everyone there. Provide it and you succeed. Let it laps and your best tools and talent go stale.

Training is the battery pack that gets everything energized.  Firms that fail to pay enough attention to training find themselves behind the curve.  Training is needed for new users. Training can help you avoid the Project Killers I spoke of before in the August Journal.

Here are several posts I have done on Training over the years.  Read up and plan some training.

Here is a good reason that most firms avoid training…

The Quadruple whammy – away from work, not billable, training cost money and you have to pay for their time. This has always been a sore spot for firms that are thinking of earning and saving money (and who isn’t). Since they have to dedicate the time to training it takes them away from being productive and contributing to the project (on the short term). They also are not billable when they are in training since they are not contributing to the project deliverable. It costs money to send them to training.  And finally, you have to pay their salary while they sit in training.  That is four slams on the project and your budget.

Don’t let the negatives stop you from trying.  Securing the training budget is crucial to your team moving forward.

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