CADDManager on April 30th, 2008

As one of you commented on my last post – writing the CAD Standard is a major accomplishment, but keep it up to date is another.

When you finally have a Standard in place – when should it be updated?

Last November I posted – CAD Standards – Not Set in Stone

This post talked about some of the milestones that may trigger a rewrite or update. Take a look and see what I mentioned.

Other items that may trigger a rewrite?

When a new CAD Manager takes over. If you have just started your tenure with a firm, this is a good place to start. Take a long look at the existing standard and find out what people think should be changed.

After an Acquisition. If you have just merged or purchased another firm – take a look at their CAD Standard and pull out the best ideas.

Can you think of any more?

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2 Responses to “Written CAD Standards – Keeping Them Up to Date”

  1. i find that CAD software updates may dictate modification to the standard. This happened to us with the ACA 2008 release.

  2. I know that for some smaller growing companies there comes a time when you need to move to the next level due to growth and often organizational changes and of course more new people and that could or even should trigger a need for rewrite.
    Larger clients might have higher expectations or requirements that makes it needed to act and rewrite.

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