CADDManager on March 5th, 2008

Flinching – which includes an audible or visual reaction to an offer.

This tip may work in the initial phases of negotiating. It is something that you want to use, but not over use. When used well, it can make some people back away from their initial stance.

It may be a slight tilt of the head to one side and a puzzled look as if you are trying hard to figure out how they could have come up with the proposal. It may be a low, calm, brief chuckle. It may be a boisterous “What?”. But it will be visual or audible so that the other person hears it or sees it.

It is a subtle way of saying “no way”. It is a reaction to the offer that displays your non-acceptance of the offer.

What does this mean to the CAD Manager?

It means that you may use very slight indications of rejection of peoples proposals to setting the standard aside. You may act “taken aback” by someones attempt to step around your authority. You may grumble a little before you reaffirm your stance on quality and compliance with company guidelines. You may blend it with an exaggerated, humorous tone to the words or actions to take the edge off.

By using some visual aids, you may be able to gain a little edge in the constant negotiations you have to do at work.

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