CADDManager on January 16th, 2008

When working in Revit you often have to work with other models that people provide or you have to share yours with others. How do you possibly line up the models when they are just floating in space?

Revit Architecture projects have coordinates for all the elements. Those coordinates are stored in the project only. You need to share those with others who may be using your model. Others need to share their locations with you. This is done through the Share Coordinates function under Tools.

This will work for RVT and DWG files.

If you have the file that is used as the main coordinates – you publish your coords. If you are linking a file from others that are defining the location you Acquire their coords.


You should define the shared coordinates from only one file. That one file defines the coordinates for all shared files in a project. Usually everyone Acquires from the Site file.

Tools > Shared Coordinates > Acquire Coordinates

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