CADDManager on December 10th, 2007

There are a lot of training materials that can be used effectively.

Like I said – I like to create my own, but that is tough. Usually I start with other material that I may have used or has been used to train me. If I take a class in the latest software, I may use the handout as a starting point.

You can get a lot of material off the internet. Here are a few spots you can check into.

Autodesk Press has a lot of material that has been developed over the years. It is good foundational material.

Some are free like CADCEA 3d Tutorials. I have not tried this one. Some of the free stuff is very good and others are worth what you pay for them.

Check out CAD Tutor and MyCADSite.

CAD Digest has a great list. Not many of these are good for a classroom setting.

I have used Ascent materials before. They are good. Step by step outlines of what to do. You can actually view a sample of their courseware on their site.

CADapult software solutions has Civil courseware. There are training materials for Microstation also.

The Bentley site has training material as well as the Autodesk site and ArchiCAD.

A few of the courseware providers allow you to customize the books with your own logos and such (for an additional price). You will have to ask about that.

And don’t forget your reseller – some of them can produce training materials also.

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12 Responses to “CAD Training Material – Where to get it”

  1. check out for comprehensive CAD traning comment on ALL of the main CAD applications. Over 80,000 engineers user thier stuff.

  2. The Envision Group has published 2 new manuals for MicroStation 2004 V8 Fundamentals – a Civil Edition and an Architectural Edition.

    They also offer a variety of courses in MicroStation and InRoads offered in 2008 or they can provide custom training and consulting.

  3. Cadapult software’s training materials is really good for land desktop, map and civil 3d. I have this experience.

    Animesh Kundu

  4. Here is another site I ran across today…

    Revit Zone

    Click on the Tutorials at the top

  5. has really good CAD Training too. They run training in Catia V5 and Pro/E.
    I have been in a V5 class for Free
    and can really recommend it.
    They have a free offer right know but I think it is for companies only. Good though.

  6. appears to be a non-English site so I have no idea how good it might be.

  7. Xdin Inc. is the US company located in Va Beach, VA. (provide training)
    and Xdin AB is the Swedish headquarter (provide training)
    All is on the webpage – English where I found it.

  8. You can get excellent MicroStation training materials at and we also offer distance-education courses at a very reasonable cost.


  9. Here is a difficult question on the subject of Where do I get CAD training.

    I need to do a refresher on SDRC I-DEAS Master Series any version between 9 – 12.
    I realise that it is being phased out as EDS has bought SDRC but there is still work available on this system and some work is better than none.

    Would be very grateful for any and all help, thanks in advance.



  10. Sorry – to clarify my above request regarding refresher training on SDRC I-DEAS – it could only be online training or books that i could download.

    I know there are a small supply of books available from good technical/CAD book shops, found them thanks.

    As for online training – well i have done all the usual searches and not found much except the usual proliferation of Autocad training by the score.

    I need something very quickly due to a very short time frame, hence online training or eBooks to download.

    TIA once again


  11. The online training material is useful, there is a fare amount of valuable material.

  12. Hi David.

    A question, have you found anything on-line for SDRC I-DEAS? I’m in exactly the situation you describe above.

    If you’ve come across something please let me know.


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